Stacy Sanderson-Byers, BSc Kin

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It all started when…

Stacy Sanderson-Byers is a Practicing Kinesiologist and BCAK member here in Campbell River. She grew up in the beautiful mountain town of Crested Butte, Colorado where she spent her time Nordic racing, downhill skiing, snowboarding, dancing, and playing soccer. Stacy and her sister were Junior Olympic level Nordic Skiers, and they both fell in love with the outdoors early on thanks to the Colorado wilderness.

Stacy moved to Victoria, BC at age 15 where she pursued competitive dance. Upon graduating she trained in Philadelphia, PA and moved to Vancouver to further her dance training and transition into professional work. After sustaining a foot injury, Stacy pursued post-secondary education.

Stacy graduated with a BSc Kin from the University of Victoria in 2015 and moved to Campbell River shortly after, where she has built a plethora of work experience including personal training, injury rehabilitation and sport-specific conditioning. She is a member of the physiotherapy team at New Horizons Seniors Home and provides physiotherapy assistance to infants and school-aged children on the North Island through the Ministry of Child and Family Development, alongside Dean Clark.

Stacy still dances in her spare time, and occasionally substitute teaches at C.R. Dance Extreme. She has developed a love of running, and recently completed the Good Life Fitness half marathon in October 2017. Some say she is a faster runner than Dean….

Stacy loves to fish, hike, roller blade and adventure in the Campbell River Wilderness. She can often be found yarding in large Springs off the Green Can. She hasn’t had any luck in the Tyee Pool yet, but that day will come. 

Stacy is passionate about movement and exercise rehabilitation. Her energy and enthusiasm help her clients push through the difficult days to get back to the things they love doing in this beautiful town we live in.